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Single-Flint Striker

Single-Flint Striker

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Single-Flint Striker

Single-flint lighter (otherwise known as a flint striker) for igniting welding torches.
Item #: 86102
UPC #: 032277861022

This single-flint striker features a square hood and round file, allowing torches to light with ease. The assembly is patented and has become our most popular model.

Product Specifications:

  • Square hood
  • Round file
  • Screw-on lighter
  • Easy to squeeze
  • Patented assembly

Product Features:


  • This flint striker is easy to squeeze, and safely lights welding torches.


  • This carefully designed lighter features a square hood and round file to easily ignite flames under all working conditions.


  • This flint striker can also be handy for camping trips, lighting bunsen burners, and gas appliances.